Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mr Bagel's Funnies No# 15
50 years together

The Golden Chance

Rivka and Bernie have been married for fifty years and are being interviewed by a reporter from the Jewish Chronicle.

"So Rivkah," asks the reporter, "I know today is your Golden Wedding Anniversary, but how old, exactly, are you?"

"I am 78 years old," replies Rivkah, "and kin-a-hora I should live to be a hundred."

"Well I hope your wish comes true," says the reporter.
The reporter then turns to Bernie and asks, "And how old are you, Bernie?"

"I’m also 78 years old," replies Bernie, "and please God I should live to be a hundred and one."

"But why," asks the reporter, "do you want to live one year longer than your wife?"

"Well, to tell you the truth," replies Bernie, "I would like to have at least one year of peace and quiet."

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